Language department

Language department

The department of languages of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Campus Cuajimalpa offers courses in Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, French, German and Náhuatl. The presential courses are designed to encourage the student to have a feedback relationship with his professor and classmates, in addition to the deepening in the knowledge of the chosen language. The presential modality of the courses allows the student to attend classes in a group lead by a professor, in a fixed schedule, to choose among conversation clubs and social activities of practice, and at the same time to reinforce his learning on an individual basis accessing the Centro de Auto Acceso. The online courses contemplate a knowledge construction in an autodidactic way and through tutorships.



To design language programs that allow the student to master all the abilities of a language (native, foreign or indigenous) with the scope of becoming competitive in professional, cultural and leisure situations.


At the UAM Cuajimalpa we aim to encourage the teaching and learning of languages with an orientation towards a, interdisciplinary and intercultural formation that promotes the knowledge and critical, humanitarian and prepared scope for a global and multipolar world.



To build individuals able to unfold professional and personally in a global and multipolar world, with empathy, and preoccupied with the sustainable development of the planet.