Civil protection

Civil protection

General information

The UAM-C is located in a safe building equipped with two alarms, one to warn in the case of seismic activity, the other in the case of fire. In any of those situations it is important to keep calm.

Identification of the signs in the building

  • Security zone (area with the smallest structural risk)
  • Arrows that signal the evacuation route (they guide you to the shortest and safest way out the building)
  • Meeting point (outer zone with the highest safety in the area)

In any situation people carrying a batch that identifies them as brigadiers will inform whether the alarm is a seismic or fire warning.

In the case of an earthquake you must locate the area with the least risk to ward until the tremor stops (you can find an example of the sign that marks those locations). One the tremor is finished the community will proceed to the evacuation of the building.

In case of fire the building must be immediately evacuated, following the respective safety signs. During the evacuation you must avoid the elevators and glass corridors, in the 4th floor keep distance from the areas behind the glass ceiling.

The only meeting point within campus is in the frontal area of the soccer field.